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Cheaper Life Insurance


Pay Less to Insure your Life


* * Insurance Choice is a non-advisory broker which means they are able to contact numerous insurers to obtain the best quote and cover for you. They specialise in bespoke solutions ( such as medical conditions when applying for travel insurance). They broker insure for your home, car, motorcycle, breakdown, caravan, travels, pet, horse, business, health, wealth and life.

Getting a cheap life insurance quote is easy thanks to MORE TH>N's comprehensive online quote facility. All you need to do is provide a few details and MORE TH>N will present you with a selection of life insurance quotes from the UKs leading providers: 
They compare products from top life insurers for you
Choose the cheapest cover that suits your needs 
No complicated or lengthy forms 
Mortgage Life, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection insurance also available

* * is a new online insurance provider trying to make personal insurance simple, easy and uncomplicated - from buying a policy to making a claim. It currently offers Home Emergency cover, Car, Travel, Gadget, Life, Car Hire, Airport Parking and Home insurance. 

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