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In our Opinion ....

The staff at You-Can use the internet too!  Here are our opinions and reviews of the sites we have used.  We hope you find them useful.

Please bear in mind that the opinions below are our opinions only and were correct at the time of writing. Other people may have had different experiences and therefore would have different opinions. If you have a burning desire to talk to use about our opinions, please email us at

's Star Ratings for Websites




Could do better

No Stars - Don't touch with a bargepole!
How much do we love this site? Between us, we've placed over 20 orders at Amazon and never had a problem. An amazing range, great prices and prompt delivery. Why bother buying books, CDs, DVDs etc on the High Street when a store like this is only a click away? Simply brilliant.
We were really impressed with the customer service at Print4less. All our emails were answered promptly and they were really upfront and honest about everything including dispatch times, delivery costs and how good their inkjet cartridges were. The only slight downside was that you couldn't pay immediately online for your order (credit card sales are handled manually using NoChex) but our order still arrived promptly. We liked their recycling policy too - even the box our cartridges arrived in was recycled! Excellent.
Another store that we've bought so much stuff from because their range and their prices are great.  They also allow buyers to comment on their products which can help other customers to make an informed decision.  They lose one star because of their high delivery charges which make small orders out of the question.